Every city has an artist’s district—a place where young libertines go to rebel against their backgrounds and test the merit of their art and passion against the harsh realities of an unfeeling world. In Kaer Maga, this district is Oriat. Streamers and pennants of every color fly over the festive awnings of shops and taverns, and rooftop bars light the endless night with rushlights and fill the air with the sounds of dancing and carousing. Murals cover the walls, the sound of fiddles and drums fills the common rooms, and street performers dodge around young couples sneaking off to somewhere more private. It’s a district of cheers, laughter, and song.

Unfortunately Oriat is also a war zone. 30 years ago, a schism within the monastic group known as The Brothers of the Seal erupted into violence. For a generation, the citizens of Oriat have lived with the knowledge that, at any moment, the alley they’re in might explode into brown-robed violence as one side or the other springs a trap, catching innocents in the line of fire.


The Broken Monastery

The Lyceum

The Mannered Bear

A tavern in the center of Oriat.

Street of Sighs

The Burning Brand

The Silent Partner

The Succoring Muse


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