The Warren

While riddled with windows and doorways at every height, carefully carved for the convenience of the residents over the course of millennia, Kaer Maga is a ring of unbroken stone, its sides seemingly invulnerable to weather, siege, or time—except here. On the city’s northwestern side, some unknown calamity appears to have blown an enormous hole in the city’s ring, completely obliterating any stonework down to the bare earth and leaving only scattered chunks of broken rock, most of which have long since been scavenged by other districts for new construction. Within this breach, generations of Kaer Maga’s poorest residents have made their homes in the most literal sense, building shack on top of shanty in a hodgepodge of scaffolding and scrap lumber that now towers almost as high and wide as the rest of the ring, its interior a maze known only to its inhabitants. This is the Warren.



Mother Millie’s Little Treasures

The Gap

Halfway Houses

The Pillars of Dream

The Warren

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